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Atlanta Endodontics

Atlanta, GA

Specialists in Saving Teeth
Robert Slosberg, D.D.S.

Meet Us

Atlanta Endodontics remains strongly committed to staying on the cutting edge of modern Endodontic therapy. What was state of the art, in concepts or ideology, a few years ago, can be out of date today. As such, we are constantly striving for improvement in technology, materials, and techniques. As an early advocate of light microscopy in Dentistry, Dr Slosberg was one of the first Endodontists using an operating microscope in 1992. We were also the first Endodontic office with cone beam computerized tomography (CBCT) in 2008. It is also noteworthy that the current generation of radiographic digital sensors require a fraction of the radiation needed for the old fashioned film images.




The Team members at Atlanta Endodontics rock! All Atlanta Endodontics team members are cross trained, and decades of  experience working with Dr. Slosberg. They should be able to easily address any questions or concerns that may arise prior to, during, or following your visit.