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Atlanta Endodontics

Atlanta, GA

Specialists in Saving Teeth
Robert Slosberg, D.D.S.

Dr Robert Slosberg, D.D.S. and Dr Keith Kanter, D.D.S.


Atlanta Endodontics is a dental specialty practice, dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases involving the teeth and their supporting structures. Our innovative and conservative approach to modern Endodontic therapy is unparalleled.  The operating microscope and cone beam computed tomography allow  for strategic preservation of peri-cervical dentin, making the tooth, stronger for longer.

We want to be be your second opinion.

Many  patients, referred for Endodontic, or root canal therapy, either do not require treatment, or it is one of several options. At the consultation visit, all treatment options, risks, and benefits are discussed. For these reasons, among several others,  we request a consultation, prior to the initiation of treatment. The fee for the consultation is applied toward the necessary treatment, if it is initiated within 30 days. Of course, we also understand, that emergencies do arise, and will always try to accommodate these types of situations. We use only the finest, most advanced equipment and materials, and are constantly evolving to give you the finest care available, worldwide.

Our practice exceeds the highest standards of infection control advocated by the American Dental Association, the CDC and OSHA. We utilize the latest barrier techniques and autoclave sterilization to eliminate any risk of cross-contamination.

Our goal is to provide state-of-the-art Endodontic care, with strict operating protocol, in a calm caring environment.

Ask your Dentist, who would they want performing Endodontic therapy on themselves or their family?

Atlanta Endodontics was the first Endodontic office in the Atlanta area to offer cone beam computerized tomography or CBCT, back in 2009.  This revolutionary new technology allows complete 3D visualization of the teeth and supporting structures with ultra low radiation exposure. A typical limited field of view is about the same exposure as 3 conventional digital dental x-rays. The major advantage of this technology is vastly improved patient care. This breakthrough technology provides unprecedented radiographic views of the teeth and supporting structures. Difficult to detect anatomy, pathosis and some fractures, can be effectively visualized for the first time. Dr Slosberg has been an outspoken advocate of cone beam use in Endodontics, and is considered by many to be among the best in the field. Dr Kanter has been a pioneer in this field, blazing a trail with his Newtome in 2006.

Cone beam computed tomography is an imaging device that utilizes divergent X-rays in the shape of a cone, to expose a digital sensor, that rotates around the patient's head. Sequential images are taken and reconstructed by a specific algorithm to produce  a 3 dimensional volume. This anatomic data, is then manipulated, and interpreted using specific software.

Cone beam scans are more detailed, and expose the patient to far less radiation then their medical counterparts.

Cone beam computerized tomography (CBCT) allow complete visualization of the area of interest, from a focused field scan, which includes 3 to 4 teeth, to a midfield scan which expands the viewing area to include both the upper and lower jaw, with ultra low radiation.

Focused field scans, are the most commonly used in Endodontics, and produce the greatest amount of detail, exposing an area as small as 3 cm x 5 cm, producing about the same amount of radiation as 3 digital dental x-rays.

Cone beam scans are essential for treating trauma cases, and provide much more diagnostic information then 2 dimensional radiographs.

Although much information can be gleaned from a quick glance at a 2 dimensional radiograph, a scan must be properly oriented, manipulated, and accurately interpreted. In this realm, experience matters, Atlanta Endodontics was the first Endodontic practice in Atlanta to offer cone beam computed tomography or CBCT,  in 2008.  Dr. Slosberg frequently lectures on the topic of CBCT scans in the modern Endodontic practice  and has been an outspoken advocate of their necessity in modern Endodontics. Dr Kanter, has been, and remains, a pioneer in the field, blazing a trail for others, beginning in 2006.