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Atlanta Endodontics

Atlanta, GA

Specialists in Saving Teeth
Robert Slosberg, D.D.S.

3D Imaging






The advent of cone beam computerized tomography or CBCTs, and their subsequent introduction into the Endodontic world was nothing short of revolutionary. It remains a paradigm shift in the minds of many, and has become "game changer" in modern Endodontic practice.

Dr. Robert Slosberg, D.D.S. 2009

Atlanta Endodontics was the first endodontic office in the Atlanta area to offer cone beam computerized tomography or CBCT in 2008.  This new technology allows complete 3D visualization of the teeth and supporting structures with ultra low radiation exposure. A typical limited field view is about the same exposure as 3 digital dental x-rays. The major advantage of this technology is vastly improved patient care . This breakthrough technology provides unprecedented radiographic views of the teeth and supporting structures. While not used in every case, they can be an indispensable tool for proper diagnosis and treatment in certain situations.

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