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Atlanta Endodontics remains strongly committed to staying on the cutting edge of modern Endodontic therapy.  We are constantly striving for improvement in technology, materials, and techniques. An early advocate of light microscopy in Dentistry, Dr Slosberg was one of the first Endodontists using an operating microscope in 1992. Atlanta Endodontics was the first Endodontic office with cone beam computerized tomography (CBCT), and currently, the only Dental office in South Eastern United Staes, and one of a just a handful worldwide, using MoraVision.

Many  patients, referred for Endodontic, or root canal therapy, either do not require treatment, or it is one of several options.  For this reason, among several others, we request a consultation, prior to the initiation of treatment. The fee for the consultation is applied toward the necessary treatment, if it is initiated within 30 days. Of course, we also understand, that emergencies do arise, and will always try to accommodate these types of situations. We use only the finest, most advanced equipment and materials, and are constantly evolving to give you the finest care available, worldwide.

We want to be be your second opinion.

Ask your Dentist, who would they want performing Endodontic therapy on themselves or their family?