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Atlanta Endodontics

Atlanta, GA

Specialists in Saving Teeth
Robert Slosberg, D.D.S.




If you can see this, we can see you.

The root canal system for each tooth is as unique as your fingerprint, and while there are similarities between "typical molars or bicuspids," there remains a wide variation in anatomical anatomy. Many teeth have root canals that are smaller than a hair on your head.

Some teeth have one root and one canal, others have multiple roots with several canals.  The key to any successful Endodontic procedure is complete debridement  and subsequent sealing of the main and accessory canal system. The modern operating microscope enables the Doctor to effectively see with high magnification and brilliant Xenon light.







At Atlanta Endodontics all treatment and evaluation suites are equiped with high power microscopes with  digital SLR cameras.

All procedures and consultations are accomplished with the aid of the operating microscope.

Common sense dictates that you can't treat, what you can't see.