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Patient Testimonials

Unbelievable --- Will never see another Endodontist, Dr Slosberg is simply THE BEST! I was in pain for almost a month and dreading a root canal. I've known Dr B personally for over a year, so called him for a consult vs the last Endodonist I saw a few years ago for a root canal. Slosberg confirmed that I needed a root canal and worked me in that afternoon. His office was beautiful, relaxing, and peaceful. The staff was top notch... all gentle, smiling, and joyful. Dr Slosberg used a 3D monitor to do the procedure and it was painless!! He and the nurse warned me I'd be sore after the anesthesia wore off so I waited and waited, expecting to hurt at least a little by evening. He checked in a few hours after I left and asked how my mouth was feeling, to which I replied that I was still waiting for the numbing to wear off... I woke up this up this morning with no soreness! This wasn't my first root canal and I'm young, so it probably won't be the last. And I grew up around medical practices and offices... The professionalism, communication, attention, environment, and procedure was THE BEST medical experience I've ever had, all around... Thank you Atlanta Endodontics !!

Chelsea McCord

I saw Dr Slosberg as an Emergency, late on a Thursday, his technology is impressive, but what was more impressive is how he used all of that stuff to explain why I was there, what the problem was, and all of my options were with out making me feel stupid. I never felt rushed. The procedure was painless, with guess what?
No pain! The office staff were awesome, even calling me to follow up.
When I finally got back to my Dentist, he was literary blown away. He had never seen such a detailed report.
I’m going back to this guy, if I ever need anything need anything major. He is smart. He is a honest guy. I see Dentists in Florida and California and they always comment on Dr Slosberg’s work.

Gary Baer

I've had a number of root canals over the years and never thought I'd describe the experience as a pleasure, but thanks to Dr. Slosberg today's root canal was a piece of cake, a walk at the beach, pleasant in every way. He and his staff are experienced, empathetic and expert. His technology is state-of-the-art and the surroundings are immaculate and relaxing. Oh, and did I mention the whole experience was pain-free from beginning to end? Go there. Go there just to relax and listen to the waterfalls in every room, and music on the headphones. But especially go there if you need a root canal. Based on my experience I would unhesitatingly recommend him, without reservation. If you don't live in Atlanta, or even in Georgia, move here. You never know when you might need a root canal. Worth it.

Sharon Doyle

I am so grateful I was referred to Dr. Slosberg. My general dentist told me he was the best in the industry and I believe it. It has been a long time (if ever?!) that I was this impressed with a medical professional. Dr. Slosberg is the most thorough and patient doctor I have ever had. He took the time to explain everything in detail and had a genuine interest in making sure I understood what he was telling me. He did not rush and made me feel like I was his ONLY priority. Dr. Slosberg's belief that dental work should only be done if absolutely necessary and we should try every other option first to avoid a costly and indepth procedure, was refreshing. Not what you would expect from someone making a living at this. His office staff is efficient, attentive, courteous, and compassionate. The office is state of the art (even having new patients register on an iPad upon arrival and big screen TV's with headphones in every room!). Very appreciative for the positive experience during such a painful time for me.

Connie Collins

THIS MAN IS A freaking GENIUS!!! And not the geeky kind either, more like the rockstar kind. I had a very mysterious problem that no dentist could explain, and just when I was about at my wits end, Dr. Slosberg figured out my problem in a hot second! Since then, he has been my Endodontist of choice. He has personal compassion for his patients and impecable clinical judgment. A wise man once told me, "there are three things you never want to shop around for, brain surgeons, dentists, and parachutes."

Casey Lauck

I was referred to Dr. Slosberg for a very compiled root canal issue. His attention to and treatment of my condition ,saved the tooth and his follow up treatment is the best I have ever experienced.. His specialized skill level is outstanding.

Pat Boring

My visits went very smoothly with only minimal discomfort (took only two aspirins) after the 1st visit and absolutely no discomfort after the 2nd visit (didn't even take an aspirin and could not tell I had been to the Dentist the next day). Dr. Slosberg and his team are the best!

Richard Brock

I moved to Dunwoody 1-1/2 years ago from Philly. I had several root canals performed up there many years ago. Lucky me, 2 became infected this year within 7 months of each other. I was referred to Dr. Slosberg and what a referral! He is the best! He is not only talented, but kind, gentle and with an outstanding personality. His staff is also caring and his office is very welcoming. I highly recommend him.

Vonnie Weiner

I made my first visit with Dr. Slosberg for a root canal yesterday, referred by my Dentist. They said he was great but that was an underestimation. He listened and answered all my questions thoroughly, informed me about what was going on with my tooth using pictures and colored highlights, kept me informed along the way, and asked me several times if I had any questions. He did all this in a relaxed, confident, and professional manner as well as with informed competence. I felt like I was talking "with" him rather than him talking "to" me. I think he actually spent more time talking with me than actually performing the root canal cause he's got that down to an efficient-science. Thank you very much Dr. Slosberg. It was a pleasure meeting you and your staff. They were very professional and efficient as well. See you for my 6 month follow up.

Tamra Cox

This was my first root canal, so I prayed I would survive the ordeal. Silly me. It was like being admitted to a very nice club. Spa atmosphere; first class professionals who are kind, patient, and personable; Bose headphones, a zillion channels, HD TV and fountains in every room. The conductor of this piece is Dr. Slosberg, who leaps tall buildings in a single bound. Zero pain. It's all about your comfort, which I found humbling. I envy anyone needing their first root canal, because you have a big treat in store. The only thing painful about a root canal is the name. At Atlanta Endodontics it should be called something like "The water is warm, c'mon in!"

Jane Streek

Yesterday, I went in for a consultation on saving a tooth I had ignored for 2 years and was thinking about getting extracted. Dr. Slosberg was genuinely nice and helpful. I ended up getting a root canal the same day and it was the best dental experience I've ever had. The staff was friendly and I was completely comfortable during the procedure. I've never left the dentist happier and in better spirits than when I went in until Dr. Slosberg. I have not had any pain and I'm glad I decided to save my tooth. I would recommend Dr. Slosberg to everyone!

Lacy Bell

After experiencing some discomfort while chewing,I referred myself to have Dr. Slosberg take a look at a problematic tooth. Dr.S went over the cbct and digital films he took and performed a tooth sensitivity test. He assured me that I did not need a root canal. My tooth discomfort was actually caused from clenching and grinding my teeth.He outlined potential problems he saw from the films and recommended some things I could do during the day and while sleeping to alleviate future discomfort. Loved Dr. S's care. He encourages questions and answers them clearly. He even gave me an opinion regarding a root canal previously done by another dentist. He makes you feel that he is the kind of doctor that loves his job and cares for his patients. The staff is top notch too. I was so impressed with Atlanta Endodontics that I will not hesitate to recommend this office to anyone that needs assurances about the necessity of a root canal. I really think that if I had gone to some other practice the outcome would have been very different. They might have performed an unnecessary procedure because they don't have the same technology Dr. Slosberg utilizes in his practice to properly diagnose, they lack the skill set he has as a diagnostician, or they lack the integrity to care about what is best for the patient. Choose Atlanta Endodontics. You won't regret it!

Pat Stueck