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About Dr. Robert Slosberg


Dr. Robert Slosberg, an Atlanta native, received his bachelor of science degree in microbiology at the University of Georgia, and immediately began his dental education, first at Emory University, and then, at the  University of Tennessee. Following Dental school, Dr. Slosberg began his post doctoral training at the University of Pennsylvania. He returned to Atlanta in 1990, founding Atlanta Endodontics in 1992. Dr Slosberg was an early adapter and advocate of both operating microscopes, and cone beam computed tomography in Endodontics. His cases have been published in both print and digital media.  Dr. Slosberg, a frequent lecturer on Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT), is a recommended speaker from the American Association of Endodontists, one of 5 worldwide; and as such, he is generally regarded as an expert in this field. He is a consultant and thought leader for Carestream, and SS White, and has presented at the annual American Association of Endodontists meeting. Additionally, Dr. Slosberg was one of two beta testers, worldwide, for Carestream's next generation of CBCT scanners, and was instrumental in modifying the original algorithms for optimal imaging in Endodontics.

Dr. Slosberg is a specialist member of the American Association of Endodontists, The Georgia Association of Endodontists, The American Dental Association, The Georgia Dental Association, Northern District Dental Society, and the Southern Endodontic study group. He has also worked with Zoo Atlanta, operating on a Gorilla, and Yerkes Primate center. Dr. Slosberg has even performed a root canal on his beloved Golden Retriever, Madison.

Dr. Slosberg is an avid guitar enthusiast  and enjoys playing and collecting guitars, he resides in the Atlanta area, and can be seen playing mandolin and guitar with Madam Company in the southeastern United States, and currently has one Golden Retriever, Max.

Robert Slosberg, D.D.S.,    Curricula Vitae

University of Georgia, 1980-1984 , Athens, GA; Batchelor of Science in Microbiology,
Emory University,  1984-1985, Atlanta, GA.
University of Tennessee, 1985-1988, Memphis, TN; Doctor of Dental Surgery
University of Pennsylvania, 1988-1990, Philadelphia, PA; Residency in Endodontics,

American Dental Association, Georgia Dental Association, Northern District Dental Society, American Association of Endodontics, Georgia Association of Endodontics, Southern Endodontic Society.

Consultant/  Speaker; Carestream Imaging, SS White Endodontics, and Seiler Microscopes

American Association of Endodontists,: recommended speaker, 2016-present

Dental Licenses:
New jersey,

Clinical practice:
Prosthodontics of Princeton, Princeton, NJ. 1988-1989
Bressler Dental center 1989-1990, Philadelphia, PA
Robert Slosberg, D.D.S. 1990-Present.
CEO, Owner, Atlanta Endodontics, 1992- Present.

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Modern Endodontics with cone beam computed tomography, Medical College of Georgia, Spring 2011

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Speaker, Carestream AAE annual meeting Boston, MA April 2011